Sunday, September 02, 2007

Mohawk Mom and G, H and I

Take this mohawk and picture it with yellow instead of hot pink and a letter "A" in yellow on the side. The person who received this mohawk requested another one in school colors. I even charted my own "A" I am so proud of myself. Delivered it to her at school the afternoon of the first home game. I could have sold 100 of them if I had the on hand. She is going to take orders for me, so I guess I will be "mohawking" a lot.

Most of the sewing is done for the band. Flag stripes are done, color guard uniforms are hemmed. Just waiting on some muslin to turn into large panels for the band, then all my sewing should be done for them.

Trumpet Princess survived her first football game even though she did say she almost fainted when she looked up and saw the stands for the first time.

Now it's onto painting the flats for Celtic Halloween. One primed, 5 more to go.

G is for -

Gardens and Gardening - I enjoy them, wish I did more gardening. Of course, with this drought I am glad I have not committed innocent plants to a sure death this summer.

Gourmet - wish I enjoyed food more, or rather took the time to appreciate and savor it more. All too much I fall victim to the rush, rush, rush of everyday life.

Goddess - wish I was more of one, or thought more of myself as a goddess. Also wish I thanked the Goddess more for all I do have in life

Green Man - enjoy the legend and drawings of the Green Man

H is for -

Horses - wish I had the time and money to still own one. They are so beautiful and strong and in some aspects, very reassuring.

Healthy - getting there, both mentally and physically. Walking more, eating better. Cut out coffee during the week. Not for the caffeine aspect, but the 16 tons of sugar I use in it. Hope the sugar industry can handle my cutback.

Humor - letting my sense of humor help me get and stay healthy. See humor in every day life more and honor it.

Harry Potter and Laurel Hamilton - ok, you can't get more opposite on the "paranormal" bookshelf but love them both. If I had to pick one though......bye Harry.

I is for -

Impatient - I often find myself getting impatient with others instead of accepting things to flow as they do. But getting better....lot less cussing at the stoplight.

Italy - wish I was there, backpack, wandering around, eating wonderful food, seeing wonderful sights.

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  1. Hi Judy! I wanted to say I loved your blog and I'm adding it to my blogroll - no obligation to do the same of course!

    I loved your mohawks! I have a "real" mohawk now - I'm glad the kids still love good ol' punk!

    Oh, and I'm addicted to coffee too...with lots of sugar and milk's a hard addiction in a place like Tenerife where everybody is having coffee all the time LOL.


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