Sunday, October 28, 2007

Backdrops and how to value yourself......

Here are the flats Savvy and I painted for the Celtic Halloween celebration this weekend. It was my first time at attempting something like this. She has had some experience because of theater in school. If you notice on the bottom of the second one from the left is a small animal. We laughed, saying it was either a fox or a mad squirrel. Boy, was she thrilled when the first group up told everyone during their set "shh...there's a baby fox up here". But hopefully this will get her some theater points for school.
Anyway, I "designed" and painted the backdrops and agonized the entire time "they weren't good enough". Slowly I am getting so I can value my art/craft things I do. For years, if someone said something about what I was working on, I would put it down with "no, it's easy" or "no, it's nothing".
But it is something. So now, I am telling myself to at least say "thank you" and leave it at that.
On the other hand, I am looking at these backdrops as giant ATC cards.......

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