Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Gown Progress

Here is the progress on the costume so far. Left to do:

1. Swap out the ribbon on the chemise from blue to green or black.

2. Finishing beading back of bodice.

3. Set grommets or use lacing rings on sleeves of bodice.

4. Hem both over and under skirt.

5. Put lacing rings on skirts to hold them together/down.

6. Make a snood/caul.

This will get us through the St. Patrick's Day Parade in 10 days. All very doable.

Then in time for the Ren Faire starting on the 29th of March, do the following.....

1. Add beading to underskirt.

2. Bead doublet style bodice.

3. Bead sleeves if time.

Actually, for the sleeves, I might sit at the fair and bead "doing my lady's bidding".

Pirate outfit is almost finished. Not much left on that to do.

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  1. What a talent. I love "real" costumes. This looks very "period".


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