Saturday, March 15, 2008

St Patrick's Day Parade

Today was a beautiful day for the parade. Last year it was so cold and windy and OD's first year in noble's garb and was trying to hold her skirts down.

This year was sunny and not too hot. Good thing about the parade is it gives a chance to "twik" the costumes some. It's done, but I need to up the hem another 1-2 inches and redo some of the ties, but all in all, it's done.
Trumpet Princess joined us in her pirate garb. I didn't get her shirt sewn and she borrowed one of mine and I think I've lost the shirt. Damn pirates!

She has a baldrick to wear, but since she didn't have knives or a sword to wear today, left it at home.

And just as we finished the parade and got into the car, it started raining. Since we were near the front of the parade, I'm afraid some people got wet. But at least 30 pounds of fabric didn't get soaked and become 100 pounds!

It was a great start to what I hope will be a great Ren Faire!

So tonight, I'm putting my feet up. I'm cooking a chicken on my roaster thingy in the oven (like doing beer can chicken, but in the oven). I rubbed olive oil on the outside and sprinkled with kosher salt and ground pepper. I put 2 baby garlic bulbs, rosemary and a lemon inside of it. I'm having scallopped potatoes and a salad with it.

In case you ask, yes I have garb to. Somewhere in my wee little mind I am really 125 pounds, 25 years old and long blonde hair....must be a past life, many, many past lives! But here I am. OD said the bare shoulders made me look younger. Hell, if that was the case, I'd strip down nude!

The lacing is about 2 inches closer together than it was at Halloween, so I'm happier. The expression on my face....from standing in line at McDonald's for 30 minutes to get drinks and food for everyone. Farthingales with a span of about 4 feet do not go with standing in line. Neither does OD's best friend in the dragon costume.

But this is rare photo I allowed to be taken, much less published.....enjoy!

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  1. OHHHHHHHHHH YOU POSTED.... I love the pictures... and yes... you in garb too! How wonderful... these are priceless. So much work! It all paid off.


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