Sunday, May 24, 2009

Catch-Up Sunday

Today is a “catch-up” day.  I don’t plan any bike rides today.  I had 2 really nice 10-plus mile rides on Friday and Saturday, so today, if I do anything, it will be to take the dog for a lap around the lake.

I have to download my “Favorites” from my Itouch back onto the computer (which crashed about a month ago).  So I am drinking coffee (and later tea), loading up each site and seeing what I have missed over the past few weeks.  Problem with reading blogs is they often take you on tangents you aren’t expecting.  I have my trusty journal beside me to make notes, write down books I want to check out at the library, etc.


I also have strawberry jam to make.  Aren’t these beautiful!  They are almost too pretty to squish (official jam-makers term), but boy will they be great on some biscuits or buttered toast.  Texter is still sleeping, but will have to get up shortly as I want to get a batch or two of the jam under way before it gets too hot.

OD is at the Animazement convention this weekend.  Six 18 year olds in cosplay outfits.  They are the biggest group of old-maids you have ever seen, which is why none of us moms had problems with them spending 2 nights at the hotel alone.  This is about their 5th or 6th year of doing this and they always partner up.  Always have their cell phones….well, almost always as OD lost hers.  Luckily, this nice couple found it at the convention and she is now reunited with it….not that she noticed it was missing until we called one of the other girls.  They decided who is bringing what food so they don’t have to buy anything at the hotel or convention or go out for dinner.  They want to spend their $$ on other stuff.  My request…go through the trash!  People throw away some really neat stuff.

I have “help” while at the computer.  See these……


And this……



I can’t figure out if he really thinks he’s hiding or not.  And Noel is usually here…..



But has decided here is better.



This is also the narrow walkway through my “stuff” from the computer to my bedroom door, so when I get up I have to be sure to watch where I am stepping.  I usually give Noel a chance to move, otherwise we will get all tangled up as she will follow me everywhere.

So a little computer, a little reading, a little artwork, a little “jam session” and it’s a great Sunday.

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  1. Judy-thanks for stopping by my blog & leaving a comment, I so appreciate your writing style, humor, and wonderful photos...even the snake! Yikes!
    I envy your warmer weather and already having tomatoes in the garden...


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