Sunday, May 31, 2009

My New Retreat

I really didn’t plan on it turning out this way, but for some reason I am really loving the feel of my balcony.  The plants are growing away, despite they fact they only get direct sun until about noon.  I have ‘fixed’ my glider so to speak (thank goodness for Elmer’s Wood Glue Gel), thrown some old quilts on it for padding.  I needed a table, so I brought out one of my dining room chairs (like I really have a dining room!).  And my foot stool.


Yesterday I was out here on and off and ended up dragging out the sleeping bag and laying it on the balcony.  I laid here and finished reading my trashy romance.  There was a lit of a breeze and all I could hear were the birds and the sound of the water aerator in the pond.  It was sssssooooooo calm and peaceful.

I have also started drinking my coffee out here on the weekends.  What a nice way to start what will probably be a hectic day, or to avoid housework, whichever way you choose to look at it.

I write a little, doodle some, and find myself meditating a lot.  Just unwinding.


On the other hand, Noel is not to sure about it.  She will lay down eventually after making sure there is nothing going to get us on the third floor.  But I really think her feeling is ‘but I was sleeping on the bed/carpet in the air conditioning!’  ‘Why?’


  1. Sounds like a lovely retreat.
    Having been in NC twice I am sure you will have many days to enjoy meditating and relaxing onyour porch.
    Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts and kind words.
    Do take care

  2. Hello Judy, thanks for commenting on my blog :) I like your writing map very much! Enjoy your balkony :)


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