Friday, May 29, 2009

Cycling Update


This is the ‘Blue Bomber’.  I call her such by the fact she is built like a B-52 bomber….big and heavy but gets the job done.  And you would be amazed at the amount of stuff I can get in those baskets.

My only disappointment with the baskets is they came with NO instructions… how to use the little pieces they sent to attached the basket to the seat stem.  I think my stem is too big for it to fit onto as the screws they sent won’t even come close to going around it.  And the nuts for the screws have an auto stop on them so you can’t even get it close to being tight.  But twine seems to be doing the job quite well.

Six hundred plus miles so far in walking/riding.  Yesterday was fun.  I came home in the rain.  Thought I could miss the big, black cloud which was looming, but no.  It got me about halfway home.  It was fun riding in the rain.  I felt like a “real” rider.

And the hills I use to walk up are now being ridden up (sometimes, for the most part).

Things I’ve learned….

1.  No matter how big I think I am, I am invisible on the bicycle.  People in cars just don’t see me for the most part.

2.  You are suppose to lube your chain!  Who knew.  But I still have a clank when I pedal.  Don’t know what’s making it.

3.  I can replace the chain when it falls off (happened once while riding, once while lubing).

4.  Depending on what you load in the baskets it will take either one really hard climb to get it upstairs or I have to make 2 trips.


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