Saturday, July 11, 2009

Chocolate Bacon Popsicles



This is a local, little hole in the wall place which creates the best, original flavors in pops.  OD (to be called Savvy from now on, that’s what she is know by her friends) and friends really like going there and sample.  Locopops generally has 4-5 cream based pops and 4-5 water based pops on their more permanent list.  Then every day they are 4-5 of each new and different flavors.

Green Tea, Lemon Sage Cream, Boysenberry Thyme, and….

Chocolate Bacon!

Six of us stood there last week and all except one (the vegetarian) were all really curious, but just couldn’t do it.  We bought our first selection (mine was Mexican Chocolate), licked each others pop (not for those who have sharing or health issues between friends).  The girls then went for a second round.  The Boysenberry Thyme….bright maroon and good, but very strong flavored, has been renamed the “Vampire Popsicle”.  Savvy likes it because with no preservatives and other “stuff”, she doesn’t have to worry about Red Dye 40.

Savvy couldn’t stand it.  She bought a Chocolate Bacon to take home.  Her reason was if she had to throw up, she would be at home.  We also got a beef pup-pop for Noel.  They offer chicken pup-pops too so you don’t have to share your popsicle with your dog.  And the sticks on their pup-pops is a large pretzel stick, so they do look like popsicles, but are completely eatable by the dog.

We got home and a little later out came the Chocolate Bacon popsicle. 

First, we all had to sit around in a circle and stare at it for a minute.  Texter was clued it on what was going on.

Second, it was pulled out of it’s little plastic sleeve and sniffed.  Nothing there.

Then, Savvy, Texter and I looked at each other to see who was going to be the first one.  Noel was sitting there staring at the pop.  She would have had no problem eating it.

Since Savvy was  the one who bought it, she took the first little bite.  Texter and I watched to see if we needed to move to let her run to the bathroom.  When she had no adverse effects, Texter and I both took a nibble.

Verdict…..the sweet and salty does work….but it’s just wrong.  It actually tastes pretty good and has a different aftertaste.  Not an unpleasant one though.  You can taste the undertone of bacon if you look for it.  If you did not know what was in it, you could drive yourself crazy trying to figure out what you were tasting. But it’s just one of those things you know it’s not really illegal, but is probably not morally right and you aren’t really sure if you should be doing it or not.

My feeling…..I am glad I can now say I tried it.  But my chocolate should not have pork products in it and my BLT will not be covered in chocolate.

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  1. I, personally, would love to sample the green tea ice cream. It's a favorite of mine but I have not found any that taste as good as the ones I sampled in Tokyo years ago!


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