Monday, July 06, 2009

Trip to Farmer’s Market on the Bike

(from Saturday, June 27)

How many vegetables could a bike basket carry if a bike basket could carry vegetables?

Saturday morning the girls were sleeping in and I decided to try out our little local farmer’s market here rather than the bigger one in Raleigh.  Thought the only way to get it to grow is to use it.  It’s less than 5 miles away and before it got too hot, I hopped on the Blue Bomber and headed out.

(I’m sorry but 85 degrees at 9:30am with 85% humidity isn’t the best bicycling weather – for me.  Give me cold over hot and I’ll be fine.)

Got to the market and about 8 vendors were set up.  Couple of local bee keepers (bought a pint), one with ice cream (gasp – passed it up), couple of baked goods tables (once again passed it by) and about 3 having veggies.


Stopped by the little old man and woman and got ‘East Texas Field Peas’, snap beans and two pints of blueberries.  The other small vendor just had squash (don’t eat) and cantaloupe (wasn’t hungry for).










The third vendor had quite a bit variety.  I did pass on the eggplant and yellow straight neck squash and zucchini.  Instead, white corn, tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers and peaches.





So how much did my bicycle baskets hold?

1 bakers dozen of white corn (unshucked)

3 huge bell peppers

2 cucumbers

2 baskets of peaches (about 10)

2 pints of blue berries

3 tomatoes

1 pound (a heavy pound as the man said) of snap beans and peas

1 pint of honey



Loaded everything back up and off I went home.  As I was biking through the steamy morning I tried to tell myself I was pedaling back from the market in Provence or Tuscany.  Almost worked.

Saturday night I fixed all the veggies with some BBQ chicken and deviled eggs.  A fresh bread I had baked earlier in the day.  Leftovers for the next couple of days.  Unfortunately, next weekend is cancelled since there will be 4th of July festivities in the downtown area.  So I will have to wait 2 weeks before I can go again.

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