Friday, September 17, 2010

And yet again life is interrupted by class…..

After I had searched and found the documentary on Alan Goldsworthy, the artist, one of the Netflix recommendations was Between the Folds.  Warning:  This is not your mother’s paper crane!
I have done a ton of ‘fortune tellers’ in my lifetime.  A couple dozen cranes (way short of the 1000 cranes), but nothing even remotely like the work shown in this documentary.  How can they get a person, complete with fingers, out of a sheet of paper? And a dragon or bird with 100’s of scales and feathers with no cutting just had my eyes crossing in amazement. What is really fun about this is how mathematicians and scientists are consumed by origami and it is not just the domain of artists.  Fun fact:  origami is used to figure out how to get things, like airbags, folded up in little spaces.  Hmmmm….art with a real life application?  There goes that crossing over stuff again.
This is one film you do not want to watch with a glass of wine.  If you did you would then get out a piece of paper and wind up eating it because you can’t do anything near what is being produced out of one sheet of paper and by folding only these people do.
But finding interesting things to view which are class related is getting out of hand.  If this keeps up when will I have time for World of Warcraft?

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  1. glad to see you are back to blogging regularly . I love it when ppl come back .


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