Sunday, September 05, 2010

Back in the “Groove”


There has been a lot going on the past few months, hence no blogging.  But have pretty much gotten moved into my new place (say that because there is still some stuff in storage and still boxes to unpack).  And everyone is in college now.  Texter is in ROTC and that may be the death of me, going here, there and everywhere.  We are all slowly getting into a routine.

Everyone has their own space now.  Savvy has a stage makeup class this year.  Poor her!  Forced to do stage makeup.  Will have to download the pictures where she practiced contours on my face.  On second thought, maybe not. 

So I will catch up on reading some blogs in the morning coolness (one of the first mornings in months it’s not in the 70’s at 7am) and then get on with my schoolwork.  THEY get Labor Day off from school, but I don’t get it off from work.

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  1. hey hey welcome back and we have missed you . wow awesome yeah hubby has to work labor day too but with holiday pay . well anyway good to see you back .


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