Thursday, June 23, 2011

Foody Stuff in June

I love this time of the year.  First off, not only do I have things coming in from my own garden, but we have access to great Farmer’s Markets in this area.  In fact, one is right on my way home – which makes it so convenient.  We are into the ‘peach’ season right now.  I have made some great peach jam.  Another fruit in season right now is blueberries…..which turn into this…..

R0014323  Yep, they just leapt into some great sweet rolls.  Actually, Savvy and Texter eat them like candy.  I have to hide them if I want to do something before they get to them…or rather Texter now.  Savvy I just torment over the phone we are eating them while she is out there in Arizona.

Another favorite, and I can be a regular pig and eat 2-3 ears for dinner at a time, are these…..

R0014320  Sweet, sweet white corn.  I think out of 2 dozen ears so far, I have eaten all but 6.  Oink, oink.  And they are great this year.  No worms in them so far. 

R0014319  And this is one of the first ‘Black Prince’ tomatoes off my vine.  They are a little larger than a golf ball and the color here does not show how brownish the fruit really it.  They have a nice, mild flavor.


R0014242  I have picked enough beans out of my garden so far to have a couple of nice servings for 2-3 meals.  I also bought some pole beans at the market and devoured those also this past week, along with a watermelon.  Soon some of my favorites will be available – field peas and butterbeans.

I have also brought home some plums, blackberries, a couple of onions and we won’t talk about my purchases from the La Farm Bakery booth at the market….white chocolate baguette and Italian bread.  


Oh, and Savvy….you may have eaten my Jack-in-the-Box taco, but ha, ha, I have fresh veggies!


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  1. Oh I love all of it !!! wow you guys still have Jack in the box ? I thought those were long gone . I love the black princes tomatoes , thanks for sharing .


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