Tuesday, June 07, 2011

I Think I’m Maxed Out Now

I planted another 36 tomatoes and peppers on Sunday.  This brings my total of tomatoes to 50 and peppers to 17.  The fun thing is that most of the tomatoes I am growing as part of a study on the dwarf varieties for the tomatoes and some ‘new’ pepper possibilities.  So not only am I growing them to eat, but my opinion on them will count!  My ego is so stroked. 


Only 5 of the dwarves are in optimal growing conditions.  The others are all in the ground – which varies from ok to really clay/sandy combo with rock underneath.  I figure if I can get a halfway decent showing out of them, they will be real keepers based on how they are being grown.  Of course, genius me planted my first group of dwarves in the ground with a ground cloth around them and covered in pine straw (only mulch I have on hand).  Then the genius fled and the rest of them got dumped in the ground without a ground cloth being placed down first.  However, I really don’t have to worry much about grass or weeds, nothing much was growing in the yard….except little shrub stumps.  Those I generally find as I am walking around and stub my toe on them – usually the toe I broke a few months ago.


But Juliette is turning red!  I have two which are light orange on the bottom, so picking time can’t be far behind.  My own tomatoes!


 I have also picked a handful of beans – purple and filet – enough for a serving or two at dinner.  I did pull up the little purple onions I planted.  They weren’t doing well, so I have a few for some seasoning or salads.  I have never had much luck planting onions.  Will figure it out one of these days


So now the front yard looks a little funny with all the string running around the beds.  The dog will stay out of the beds with the string when she goes outside.  But as the girls say, “Mom, that’s so ghetto.”  Savvy usually starts plucking an air banjo to the tune of ‘Deliverance’ at times like this.  I don’t care.  I have the only yard with something besides weeds or grass. 



  1. Oh my girl you need to slow down or you will have these huge amounts of veggies to eat and no one to eat them . I can just see one of my kids doing that too the air guitar with deliverance . Im sorry but my sons would be saying that it is ghetto too .

  2. hello - i'm visiting from the liberate your art postcard swap - wow, amazing garden! lucky lucky you, all the things you're growing have to be planted in a greenhouse here, and even then they live a dubious life.
    all those fresh tomatoes! wow.


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