Saturday, September 17, 2011

Playing in Photoshop

I am slowly, but surely, learning more and more about Photoshop.  I could have played with in on my own and learned as I went, but I am having more fun learning it in a systematic way.  Here is my first collage I made up that is not homework.

savvy frog mushroom  I know I still need to work on resizing and cutting pictures out of other pictures, but it’s fun! 

The background is part of a group of pictures I took of our flagstone walkway at work.  I know I looked at little weird one day, all bent over, taking pictures of the rock.  But they make some really interesting textures.


Of course, since I was working on this one, Texter happened by and demanded one of her.  She doesn’t like me to take her pictures and I advised her I didn’t have too many pictures of her.  I was then informed I could pull some off of her facebook page.  So off I go to create a Texter collage.

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  1. oh my you should feel honored because most kids her age dont like their mother to take their pics . I know my did not , now they really dont care . Oh how I miss the good ole days NOT !!!


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