Saturday, November 26, 2011

I Have Decorated for Christmas

Pulled out a bit of this and that and a bit of glue and silver spray paint and glitter and my Christmas decorations are finished.

This is the tree I created out of branches from the yard, silver spray paint, glitter spray, and a few little plastic snowflakes and a small string of blue lights.

PB260007  I will dig up a piece of blue fabric to drape the top of the dresser in the living room to cover the box the vase is sitting on.  I can’t have a ‘real’ tree with the dogs and cats, so this is my alternative.  You can’t really see the branches are silver and glittery in the dark.







My favorite is the finished wreath I started a few weeks back.  I had to wait until foil wrapping paper came out.  This is my completed wreath.

PB260009  While the original instructions had balls in the center, I expanded on the idea and included a small string of white lights and pulled the cord through the back.  I also lightly sprayed the cones with glitter spray.  I also combined a few balls with multi-colored bells in the colors of blue and silver.  I have to let the wreath set up overnight so the glue will hold when hung up on the wall.  But it is a large wreath.  The backing is two pieces of foam core taped together.  If I make more I will use smaller pages to make the wreath a little more manageable.  I am pleased with how it turned out.

Ok, my Christmas is done now.  All except the cooking.  I promised Savvy we would bake when she comes for Christmas.



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