Sunday, November 06, 2011

I Know, but….

It seems like it has to be an all or nothing situation with regard to television programs.  You can go along for ages, flipping channels or just plain ignoring what’s on and then WHAM!  Here is a crop of worth watching programs.  Normally,  I only really care about NCIS (love my Gibbs) and Big Bang Theory.  Now, unfortunately, I have to add three new shows to my list.  The thing is they could all be group in the same genre, which is really surprising.

The first is ONCE UPON A TIME.  A story within a story retelling of Snow White and all the other fairy tales we have grown up with.  The Evil Queen (who has a fantastic black outfit) has cursed Snow White and the Prince and now they are in modern day, not knowing who they are.  And a little boy knows what is going on and is trying to get Emma Swan, who is the daughter of Snow White and the Prince, to help save the day.  Problem is Emma is the little boy’s biological mother who gave him up at birth and then there is Mr. Gold/Rumpelstiltskin, played by Robert Carlyle, who I have to say is hot.  Ok, I like Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister too!

rumpel   Really good story line, all twisted up on itself like it is.  But how come the bad guys know what the situation is and the good guys never do?

And following the story tale there is GRIMM.  Now this storyline is a little less convoluted.  The main character, Nick, is the last Grimm and can see things no one else can see it seems.  He is a police detective and crimes are not what they seem to be.  Unfortunately, the only person who can really tell him about his heritage, can’t, so he has to learn it on his own.  Two shows down and it is interesting.

The third, talk about convoluted and odd…..AMERICAN HORROR STORY.  Don’t try to multitask during this show or you will be lost.  Creepy house which had bad things go on in in it the past.  People who other people see as being different ages, ghosts,….well, let’s just say it’s weird.  And good.

So, fortunately, I can watch the shows when I want to, but…..yep….3 less hours of sleep!


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  1. I indeed too love Grimm < Once upon a time and love me some gibbs and I secretly have had the biggest crush on Mark Harmon since he was on St elsewhere now im dating myself . Yep Im there . I also remember when he was with Marlee Matlin in the one tv show where he played her interpreter he was a cop there too and he had deaf parents and that is how he knew sign language Oh I loved that show . Sadly it only lasted two seasons . The name escapes me at this moment .Oh well so glad we have all found something to watch this season LOL !!!


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