Saturday, December 08, 2012

End of the Semester.....

Well, another semester is almost at the end.  A couple of tests and turning in a couple of projects and then I will get to PLAY until January 7 when it all starts again.

Here is my final project in my Photoshop class.  We had to design a magazine cover we would like to see.  Since I am not aware of any, I picked cosplay as my magazine theme and used pictures I had taken at last year's Animazement as my pictures.  No worrying about copyright then.  Well, except for the center picture, which Savvy took.  But if she gives me issues, I'll just withhold chocolate and polymer clay and she'll fall into line.

So there it is...."Cosplay" the magazine.  I think I got in all the elements she wanted included, so keeping my fingers crossed.  Of course, I still have to take the final text. 

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