Sunday, May 12, 2013

Playing Catchup

I am part of a quilt block exchange group on Facebook.  With the move I have not been getting my blocks out in a timely manner (but I did advise the group this would happen).

Now being in 'quilting land', I have caught up with my blocks.  Most of the group seems to have those "fancy" sewing machines which do embroidery and stitch designs on their blocks.  I decided to stay, for speeds sake, more traditional, and let the fabric speak for the theme of the month.

April's theme was black and white, May's is flowers and to get a little ahead, June's  is books.  I used a really simple and traditional half square triangle for the pattern.  Of the three blocks, I love the fabric in June's the best.

One side is a white background with ravens and pens and writing and bird cages on it.  The other side is a grey background with writing and numbers on it.  The grey was just a fat quarter, but the white side I bought a yard of and plan on doing 'something' with it.  A piece of it, with the raven, will probably go to a friend who is a 'raven maven'.  Maybe a journal cover would be an appropriate use. 

So I am caught up and will be ready to go for July.

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