Sunday, June 30, 2013

How to Spend a Saturday

One of my goals since moving to Montana is to see more of Montana - to take advantage of all the different parts and to explore the state.  Yesterday was no exception.  There was a one day, outside quilt show at the Daly Mansion in Hamilton and since the kids were suppose to be gone camping, I decided to make the 2.5 hour drive and check it out.  The plan worked out, except I had company.

The weather in Challis, Idaho ranged from 40 at night to 90 during the day.  Within 24 hours Lady K had a bit of sunburn and wasn't sleeping.  So I had driven over and picked her.  As it was, the day was suppose to be in about 90 at the quilt show and I wasn't really looking forward to the heat.  Forget Lady K's discomfort, I was worried about mine.  As it turned out the weather was overcast and in the 70's while we were at the show, a perfect day.

Daly Mansion is in the Bitterroot Valley area of Montana and in the middle of nowhere.  But how can you not love this entrance?  This is worthy of any Southern plantation going.

You drive down a long lane up to the grounds of the house.  As soon as you enter the grounds, the magic begins.

First off, how can you not love a quilt show which decorates the restrooms with quilts!

I have taken tours of places where the 'facilities' are less than stellar if they exist at all.  These were very nice, clean bathrooms at the edge of the property.

Once I paid my entry fee, I stepped onto the perfect setting for a quilt show.  Huge old trees with dozens of beautiful quilts hanging between them.  Lush green grass, wonderful little seating areas facing the quilts throughout the grounds so you could sit and chat or just try and take in all the colors and patterns and wonder how many of these works of art you could attempt to recreate.

Meandering through the grounds, you strolled from quilt to quilt. 

 One thing that surprised me (and it was a good surprise) was the lack of vendors selling at the show.  There were only 3-4 vendors there, which made the emphasis of the event on the quilts themselves.

Lady K was about the only baby there and while she was nice and smiled at those who coo'ed over her, she wanted to be held.  It is hard to push a stroller, hold a baby and take pictures, all at the same time.  I really missed Texter not being there!

There is no way to even begin to show all the quilts displayed at the show.  As you can tell, my interests lean more toward modern quilts at the present time.  Nor is there any way to really show up the quilting done on some of the quilts.  The whole show made me want to run home and work on my Judy Niemeyer pattern I have started.

Couple of regrets about the show - (1) I didn't have someone with me I could ooh and ahh about the quilts and the mansion with and (2) we weren't all in white, long lawn dress with large hats, strolling about drinking tea from a china cup.

I can definitely say this is one show I will keep my eye open for their next one.  It was fantastic.  This is also a trip I would make again to just tour the mansion. 

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