Sunday, June 23, 2013

Patio Gardening

One of the very few things I miss about North Carolina (and probably the only thing at this point in time) is my veggie garden.  If I was still in Raleigh, I would be picking tomatoes from the garden, the lettuce would be well over and the Farmer's Market would be filled with peaches, corn and a ton of other fruit and vegetables.

However, I could not go without planting my tomatoes.  And our patio has a planter on two sides with nothing in it except soil.  So I grabbed some tomato plants at both the local natural food store and Lowe's Hardware and stuck them in the planter.

I have about 12 plants in the planter with some cucumber seeds in the far corner.  They had to be replanted as Mojo thought that corner was made for digging.  Thus I have a 'fence' of sorts on the planter to keep the dogs from walking on the plants. It's working about 95% of the time.

With the cool, early morning temperatures, Amani enjoys sunning on the stones of the patio.  

And despite the cool temperatures, the tomato plants are blooming and some have baby tomatoes on them. 

This had been a water feature container which was abandoned.  I didn't want to make a water feature which would only be viable for a few months, so I turned it into a planter.  Nice pink petunias, mandavilla and nicotiana.  They are all starting to spread out in the planter and looking nice.  If we could get a little more warm weather it would be great. 

And I found a large pot of blooming lavender.  It is small enough I can bring it in for the winter and hopefully keep it going.  

There are a lot of existing flowers in the yard which are starting to bloom nicely.  But that's for another day. 

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  1. I too missed my tomatoes from past years at my old house so I'm happy that they are growing nicely here so far.


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