Friday, July 05, 2013

Sweet Peas - Everything's Pink!

I have always wanted to grow sweet peas.  However, being a good Southern girl, sweet peas are not always easy to grow in the South as it gets too hot for them too early.  So I was thrilled to see, when we were viewing the house we were going to rent, sweet peas coming up (and that I could identify them before they even bloomed).  Enough they are overflowing the bed in front of the house and I have to try and restrain them. 

Enough that when Texter wanted 4th of July pictures of Lady K in her red, white and blue, we went out to the front to take pictures.  With the aid of a pillow and sheet, we managed to prop her up for a bit and get a few nice pictures.

Of course, she was less than thrilled about the whole ordeal than we were.  But this gives you an idea of how profuse the sweet peas are.  Shades of pink and white abound.

This lead me to make a sweet pea mandala.

Very pink and almost orchid-like.  Love them.  Guess I will have to pick a bunch and bring them inside again.  I paired sweet peas and lavender last week for a small bouquet.

I don't know what the little blue and white flowers are.  They are new to me, but growing in the garden also.  You can see from the planter behind my arrangement, I have a pink theme with flowers this year. This little arrangement even makes the McDonalds glass look good.


  1. The blue and white ones look like Bachelor Buttons. I think there is more than one name for them too.

  2. They are so pretty. I might have to find out if they will survive here in NY.


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