Monday, September 30, 2013

Design Board Up and Working....

Well, it isn't quite what I had envisioned, but at least I have a design board now.  And with me starting the One-Block Wonder quilt shortly, I really need the design board.

I saw this book and it really hits all my hot spots....kaleidoscope, mandalas, compass rose.  And then I came across Quilter in the Closet where she had made a beautiful blue one-block wonder quilt.  And now she is starting a One-Block Wonder QAL

But the design board had been on the planning table for some time now.  With both Texter and I feeling less like doing much of anything last week, we spent a few minutes and put together my design board.  The boards I had saved out of the box my recliner had come in.  There were 3 nice, heavy boards.  So I took 2 and duct taped them together.  Then covered them with batting and then white flannel.

I really can't affix to the wall since (1) it's a rental and (2) all the walls are rock down in the basement.  So I have it propped up on two boxes.  One box contains the polyfil for the alphabet blocks I have to finished up (hint, hint).  The other is an empty polyfil box that I am dumping scraps into for future use.  I really want to make a string quilt some time.  

I had thought about placing it on the floor so it is vertical rather than horizontal.  However, we really didn't secure the join very well and it bends if I set it that way.  To fix it would mean, un-duct-taping the whole thing and putting a brace on the back.  Or just putting a brace across the back.  And I am not up to snuff enough to tackle that yet.  

There is still 1 more panel I can cover and use for a smaller design board or an inspiration board.  However, we do use it for puzzles that are too big for the card table.  So I may hold off on using that board for a bit until I see how much we use it for puzzles.  With winter coming I have to do something so that Texter will be occupied while I stitch and knit.

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