Friday, October 04, 2013

Another New "Neighbor"

While at BOW in August, I briefly saw a little Pine Siskin.  Now I am surrounded by them.  

They love nyger and thistle seeds so they are taking over the two bags I have hanging.  Since they travel in flocks, they are giving the sparrows a run for their money.

What is really great, is that the birds are learning they don't have anything to worry about with me out in the yard, so I am getting some great shots.

They also love sunflower seeds and will eat hanging upside down.  The late afternoon sun shining on the siskin is lovely.

This picture shows the lovely yellow on the wings and tail.  

According to my reading, they may be here this year and not show up next winter.  We are on the edge of their year-round territory and heading into their winter territory, so hopefully, they will be around for awhile.  Of course, I now have to go get more nyger or thistle seed.

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  1. such bright little birds xx thanks for letting me see the sort of birds you have around you x


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