Monday, October 07, 2013

Bagging It

Well, the bagging has started (and temporarily stopped due to making a skirt for a conference I am going to and starting on my one-block wonder quilt) and one bag is done....almost.  But Texter got impatient and wanted to use it without the binding being sewn on the inside seams.

The fabrics used was the "Nested Owls" by Moda which Texter had her eye on for several months now.  

The pattern I used at first seemed a little fiddly (and not recommended for novices as the instructions were a little sparse at times), but I have to say this is a professionally constructed bag.  So any issues I have with the work involved is worth the finished product.

Because there are several different bags in the pattern and the instructions refer back to previous instructions on other bags, I took a page from the Judy Niemeyer class I am taking for Mariner's Compass.  I put the instructions into page protectors and into a notebook so I could flip back and forth and the pages wouldn't be ruined.

The next set of bags, as we are doing both a small and large bag, will be out of "Lily and Will" by Moda.

(Bad lighting on the fabrics - sorry)

So we have this collection (or 3 of the fabrics in the collection) in both blue and pink.

In this collection, there is one bunny in the motif, which leads to the ups and downs of this endeavor.

On the plus side, Texter, who does not sew, but is artistic, has learned some sewing terms, like grain of the fabric.  She is also learning to lay out and cut a pattern.  Which also helps her plan what she wants to do (or rather for me to do).  Also, if she cuts out the pattern, there is a greater chance of me getting to it in a timely manner since I hate cutting out patterns (quilts are different).

On the downside, she learned to read the selvage of the name of a collection and then go online to see everything in the collection.  She also found a second collection which is similar she is saving her pennies for so I can make even more bags.

"Windsor Lane" is similar, with 2 bunnies in a motif.  There are some slightly different coordinating designs and a great brown and green range in the collection.  

I can see many more bags in my future.

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  1. LOVE the owl fabric x seems a good idea to involve them..then.. you realise the draw backs xx like the idea of the page protecters and the file x


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