Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fall Saturday

This past Saturday, there was a Kid's Fest in the park by the library.  Texter and I decided it would be a good outing for Lady K.  So off we went into the 'fall' weather.  Unfortunately, Montana's definition of fall and the North Carolina definition of fall are about 20 degrees apart - literally.  It was a bit chilly for those of us from climates further south.

But Lady K was adorned with her new unicorn cap.  She wasn't too impressed by it, but everyone passing us loved it. 

The 'mane' has glittery yarn in it, so it has some bling.  Aunt Savvy will be getting an adult version of this hat shortly. 

While we didn't hang around the Kid's Fest long (activities were a bit too old for her), we decided to walk further downtown.  Actually, we were looking for an ATM to go buy a pumpkin (which wasn't accomplished) and kept going.

It was a beautiful day, with lots of 'color' along the way.

In looking for the ATM, we stumbled across the Farmer's Market.  I have been meaning to go, but never made it yet.  Unfortunately, it is almost over for the year, but we will definitely be going back again and again.

Not only where there fruit and veggie vendors, but also artisans of all kinds.  There was a lady selling her own dyed wool.  Thank goodness I didn't have money with me.  We did go home with a box of apples - a mix of varieties I haven't tried before.  And we shared a pork kabob, which was sssoooo good.

All the produce looked really good and I can't wait to go back again.  I want to get some local honey too.  I like it that they close off the street for the Farmer's Market.  It makes it so nice to wander around in.

Unfortunately, Lady K wasn't impressed with the Farmer's Market either.

And there was a time or two I thought about taking her blanket away and using it myself.  My little unicorn was all warm and snuggly during our Saturday morning excursion.

So fall is here and to quote George R. R. Martin, "Winter is Coming."

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  1. oh you definatly should go again .. it looks wonderful....that hat is just MAD!! lol x


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