Monday, December 02, 2013

Sharp-Shinned or Coopers?

We have another newcomer to the feeder.  Well, actually he is feeding on the birds coming to the feeder (although we have lost one squirrel to him).  And so far, based on what we have seen, he is either a Sharp-Shinned or Cooper's Hawk.  He normally zips in and out, but I think he has learned I have a ready supply of birds at the feeder.  Especially since I have refilled the feeders due to the bad weather which is starting today (snow and super cold temps).

The dogs ran outside earlier and scared him off and then Texter walked by the window and grabbed for my camera.  We had to laugh at his perch.....

He's hunkered down in the pine tree in the back yard.  All puffed up against the snow and wind blowing.  However, the problem with his perch is that it is only about three feet from the feeder.

I guess he feels the other birds won't see him sitting there.  But the pine tree is across the yard from the huge spruce tree (about 2 1/2 stories tall) where the doves, chickadees and some of the sparrows are hanging out.

It should be an interesting winter.....

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