Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Telling On Myself

Here's the story.....

Pam, of Pam's Knit and Stitch in Great Falls, offered a couple of months ago, a kit from Mountain Colors Hand-Painted Yarns for a fingerless mitten.  There were two color ways offered and I went with the purple and brown to start with.  Also, this is a Montana company and I wanted to support them.

I later went back and got the blue/green/yellow kit.

Of course, although Texter claimed the first kit, when she saw the second kit, she's claiming it too.  And being in Montana now, we need all the mittens, gloves and layers we can come up with.

I had the first kit and got started on it.  I haven't done much knitting with multiple colors like this, so it was performing a dual purpose - mittens and learning a new technique better.   And I did have to stop and rip out several rows because I didn't read the directions correctly to start with.  I didn't notice  the switching of colors once you start on the body of the mitten.  Plus Lady K was 'assisting' and I had a hat I wanted to get done first.

By the way, Savvy, this hat is coming to you.  My head is bigger than I thought!  It was knit with Nuna from Mirasolperu.  Nuna is 40% merino wool, 40% silk and 20% bamboo sourced viscose.  Feels really great.  On me, however, it looks like, as Texter put it, I am wearing spandex on my head.

Why the aside about the hat and yarn?  Because in the course of knitting the mittens, I went from this (don't you love the variegation on the balls of yarn).....

....to this....

How did this happen?  

I have a bin that I have several projects in and I threw the balls of yarn in there.  The lighter purple from the hat had a ball about the same size as the balls for the mitten and I didn't see the pinky purple and had forgotten what the real colors were for the mittens and started on the mittens with the above colors.  It worked.  I thought the lighter purple was a little 'thinner' than the other yarn, but put it down to the dyeing of the yarn.

But when I got to the end of the first mitten and was running out of the light purple I started thinking 'pissy' thoughts.  You know those thoughts were you are thinking bad things about someone and brooding on it.  First, I was thinking Mountain Colors were a little 'stingy' with their yarn.  And then I was going to have to buy more yarn and/or drive to Great Falls (about 75 minute drive away) to get more yarn.  And somehow I had Pam, who has been nothing but lovely and gracious and who I know, if this was true, would have made it right at no charge to me, also tied up in the almost being out of  yarn and only having one of two gloves made.  I am knitting and grumbling and telling Texter about the 'almost out of yarn' situation and here I had another kit......yada, yada, yada.  

Then I had to dig into the bottom of the bin for my case with my needles to finish off the first glove and found the 'REAL' ball of yarn.  

You can see my dilemma.  The light purple didn't look bad in the mitt. 

So now I must publicly apologize to Pam and to Mountain Colors for all the negative thoughts I was feeling while knitting this mitt.  It was all on me and not paying attention to what I was doing on several counts.  Not organizing my project better, not paying attention to the difference in yarn more.  After all, there is a bit of difference between 100% worsted wool and yarn that is merino/silk/bamboo.  I hang my head in shame as I knit up the second mitt 'incorrectly'.  

But if I am going to eat crow can you think of a tastier crow to eat?


  1. I love this story. I especially love that it had a happy ending:) Thanks for the positive comments and the free advertising. Yes, both I and Mountain Colors would have made your kit right.

  2. Your work is really wonderful! I LOVE the colors that you used and the hat is purr-fect!

  3. looks good to me .. and the little rant .. and "un" rant were fun from this distance xx


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