Friday, May 30, 2014

Focus Redirected

As with most things in my life over the past year or so, I think I am on one path, only to find that things have changed and I am following a completely different one.  I thought this summer would be all about sewing on my quilts.  WRONG!

After coming back from MisCon over Memorial Day Weekend, Texter is gearing up for next year.  I had originally thought about volunteering there, but forgot until too late.  This convention focuses on science fiction, fantasy, and horror in writing and the arts.  The writing end had caught my attention. But next year is ON!  Terry Brooks, an extremely well know author in the fantasy realm, will be the featured author.

So what does that actually mean?  It means that instead of sewing on quilts, I will be, once again, engaged in creating cosplay outfits.  Savvy is extremely interested in coming down and we will use that as her vacation next year.  She and I will be going as the Black and White Mages from Final Fantasy.  So there are a couple of capes involved with under dresses.  And as with all good con goers, we can't just have one costume - so looking toward steampunk for me and possibly Lolita for her.

Then comes Texter......

This is Dr. Who from the 12th season.  See the scarf.  It was actually the shorter one.  It 'grew' by the 16th season.  And that's what is on my needles right now.  Luckily, it is super simple, just knitting only, but that's the main part of her costume for next year.  I have actually knitted myself a long scarf before, but not this long.  Yesterday was spent finding yarn (only 1 skein of each at the present time) to match the colors and jotting down the pattern of rows/colors.  

What is going to be fun is that I will also be recreating this scarf a second time for Lady K.  Of course, I am not going to make a 12 foot plus scarf for a toddler, so I have making it 1/4 the size.  I will be only making it 14 stitches wide rather than 56 (I'm using worsted weight yarn.).  And then on the stripes I am only doing 1/4 of the number needed on each color - or close enough.  I think it will be so cute to see her as a baby time lord.

Because Terry Brooks will be there and one of the things you can do at this convention is to submit writing prior to the convention for critique, I will be working on my novel(s).  I also will be working on my cookbook since I also plan to use it in my portfolio for school.


other costume pieces
summer dresses for Lady K

Of course, I am not foolish enough to think everything can be accomplished by the time school starts in August.  Nope, this is my list of things for the next 11 months, until the con next year.  I will keep posting on my progress.

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