Tuesday, May 13, 2014

My Baby is Legal!

Twenty-one years ago today, Texter very impatiently made her way into the world.  I say impatiently because she didn't want me to be fully dilated before making her appearance.  And things haven't changed a bit since then.  She is my 'have-to-be-doing-something-or-talking-to-someone-every-minute-of-the-day' child.  And now has a child of her own.

She is sometimes willing to go along with my ideas.

Such as going cherry picking and being sent up the very shaky ladders.  

I can sometimes talk her into modeling my creations - but usually only if they are for her.

And for someone who is so social and wanting to be out there, she is remarkably camera shy, so my pictures of her over the years are limited. 

While her sister went 'noble', she stuck with the masses - and knew them all by name and were friends on Facebook and phone.

And while our relationship hasn't always been the smoothest, she is a very loving and caring person.  She just doesn't do housework very well.  Or understand that the cute puppy isn't going to stay small forever.

Happy Birthday, Texter!

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