Friday, May 16, 2014

Trout Creek Canyon Thursday

With the full moon staying in the sky until well after sunrise, it was going to be an outside kind of day.  So with Lady K and Texter off elsewhere, I put in a couple of hours of gardening.  Poor Amani (the dog) hadn't had a good walk in a long time (my fault).  I decided since it was a nice day to  head out for a hike where I could let her off the leash to run and frolic.

Trout Creek Canyon Trail is right by the first Helena Hikers location is hiked, about a year ago.  Hanging Valley Trail was a death march for me.  But Trout Creek is nice enough and easy enough I will be bringing Lady K so she can toddle along and be packed too.

For the most part, the trail is beside the creek.  At the start of the trailhead, you are walking up into the canyon, but it's not a 'straight up' hike, it's a nice gentle sloping trail.

As you are in a canyon, you look up onto some really interesting mountainsides.  I wish I had paid more attention in my geology class so I could know a little more about what I am actually seeing.

Trout Creek twists and bounces down the hillside as you hike along.  There are a couple of bridges over the creek.  It ends about a mile in as far as the 'finished' trail is concerned.  It then continues on for a couple more miles until it hits a farm road.  Amani and I only did the first mile of it.

For only being two miles, she probably walked, jogged, investigated and checked out double that.  Needless to say, she was a pooped pooch.  I need to get her out more often.  She does good staying nearby and comes pretty well.  So more hikes in the future for her.

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  1. Awesome pictures! Might have to tag along on an easy hike when you have Lady K along. She and I should manage to walk together just fine!


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