Saturday, August 09, 2014

56 Hours and 2400 Miles - The End

So this is the last of the pictures of my/our adventure on getting Savvy from Arizona to Montana.  She is ready to start on this new phase in her life and I am excited to have both my daughters nearby.

The face of someone who has had enough stops on the way and just wants to get there. 

Flora at one of the rest stops, I think this one was near Salt Lake City (which stretches on forever).

Really bored people on the trip, especially when I found out that my audio CD of The Sword of Shannara was very, very scratched and would have to be buffed at the library when I got back.

Several times I have passed these rock shops on my way to/from Arizona and have wondered what they are.  Glass chunks from back East.  Very cool, but very disappointing.

Sunrise on Savvy's first morning as a new Montana resident.

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