Wednesday, August 13, 2014

School Is Just Around the Corner

These aren't my actual textbooks for this semester.  They will arrive tomorrow.  There is nothing like new books for the start of school and school supplies.  I think when I'm 106, I'll still be getting school supplies in August!

So the past few weeks, I have had planners on my mind.  With Savvy now in the household and having to get her to/from work (or 2 places of work), I need to get 'organized'.  I want my 'routine'.  Sadly, Lady K does not understand, nor does she care about, routine.  After all, when the world revolves around you, why should you care?

I started taking classes (and stopped and then started again) when the girls were younger.  In fact, when I was taking my math classes, Texter would 'grade' my exercise pages for me by checking them against the answers in the back of the book.  When kids are in school it is easy to explain you need your homework time also.

Problem is, Lady K is way too young to understand, or care, that Grandma is doing homework.  And since I am the morning person, I have one eye on her and one eye on chores, or whatever.  When school is in session, morning is my time to review what I need to get done for the day and get started on assignments.  Let's hope "Wild Kratts", "Sesame Street", and "Curious George" can hold her attention while she destroys the living room in the morning and I can get some work done.

But the next couple of days will be spent setting up my 'organization' for the semester.  Normally, I print out the weekly assignments and check things off as I go.  Lots of paper and ink.  This semester I am going to start out my making note of my assignments either in writing in my calendar and/or using OneNote to record the lessons and tasks for the week.  So we will see if I am successful at saving a couple of trees.

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  1. Please keep me updated on one note, I might have to get it for my scheduler


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