Friday, August 08, 2014

56 Hours and 2400 Miles - Part V

The dog.....

I was not only moving Savvy to Montana, but we also were bringing Noel (actually, I would have gone and gotten Noel and left Savvy there.  Ok, not really.)  And we did leave 'space' for her on the back seat.  A bit.

The poor thing has gone through being nothing but skin and bones (almost 8 years ago when we got her), moved from Apex, to Raleigh, to Great Falls, to Helena, to Arizona and now back to Helena.  But she is now somewhere she can once again sleep on the bed and not fry in the backyard, as she will now be an inside dog completely.  She will have to wade through snow, but we already have a coat for her (her hair is super short).  She has Amani for companionship of the doggy kind.  And Lady K loves dogs of all kinds and squeals whenever she comes into the room.

But Noel spent most of her day in the car getting up in the front seat and sharing it with Savvy.  We both believe she would have bitten Savvy if she knew, early Saturday morning when it was a bit nippy, that the seats were heated.

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