Thursday, February 05, 2015

Rabbit Holes, Writing and Advice

It's no secret to those who read this blog and/or know me, I am a huge Laurell K. Hamilton fan.  I mean, stop-the-world-a-new-book-is-out-and-I'm-calling-in-sick-to-read-it fan.  I love her openness about her 'real' life and I LOVE her worlds she has created (two separate series).  So when she posted something which contains references to Lewis Carroll and Alice, along with writing, I have to pay attention.

From The Nursery Alice by Lewis Carroll, illustrated by Sir John Tenniel

This is a topic I have been wondering about in my own writing life - do I plan and outline and plot or do I just write and see where it leads me.  This is also a topic we briefly discussed at my writing group, The Queen City Creatives.  I have one of my favorite authors, using another favorite author, to illustrate a question I have been debating.  So far, I think I have dropped down the rabbit hole and don't know whether to climb up or keep falling. 

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