Saturday, February 07, 2015

Rainy Saturday and What's Been Going On

The wrist is doing much better, even though I did send the doctor's eyes up into the back of her head when I commented, "but it's not like it was before I broke it".  I have this nice "HUGE" y-shaped piece of metal on my wrist bones now.  My fingers on my right hand are stiff in the mornings until I pop some ibuprofen.  The bottom of my palm is numb feeling still.  But I am told both of those problems will away in time.  When?  Like, maybe, tomorrow?  Yes, I understand patience is a virtue, but I have never claimed to be virtuous.

Anyway, I am able to write and type now with a much greater degree of efficiency.  In fact, I haven't worn my brace at work for the past couple of days.  I do throw it on when going to work, as I don't think lifting several pounds of books at a time is quite what they have in mind for my wrist at the moment.

In the meantime, school is piling up.  I can tell the wrist still has a way to go when I have to crank out 40 sketches for a project and at about the dozen mark, it starts protesting.

One big project I have been working on is a presentation folder.  This is where we throw in samples of our work over the semester and send it in to the instructor to view.  One good thing about this is that is forces me to think about a real portfolio if I want to take my art to the next level.

I decided to go with one of my pieces of art to create my folder.  The flaps at the bottom will fold up to hold samples in the folder.  

Today I also have to go interview a couple of printers in the area.  And stop for stamps.  And take Savvy to work.  And create a 30-second video for a PSA (public service announcement). get the idea.  My goal is to get the rest of my homework done today and Sunday so that I can then drag out my trilogy and start getting it organized.  AND catch up on my journal after all these weeks of not being able to write.  Busy weekend on tap.

The best part is that this will probably be my last semester for awhile.  Texter is going to school to become a nurse (hopefully) and I will be the babysitter for her while she is at school during the day.  This will (also, hopefully) give me more time for writing and my artwork.  I am a bit tired of classes even though I enjoy learning.  But then too, I am almost at the age where I can audit classes at the local college at a very, very reduced rate.  So my school days aren't over yet!

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