Friday, February 06, 2015

Review - The Moment of Everything

I have been posting a few book reviews over on my "Between the Pages" section of my blog.  This book, however, really hit all the right buttons for me and I wanted to give it a little more exposure.  See, Shelly King knows used book stores.  She got the smell and the feeling of a little community used book store down pat.  And while I have given my fair share (and more) to the major book store chains, and mourned when Borders closed their doors, there is nothing like poking and searching in a less than pristine environment.

This book also contains enough nerdy, geekiness to go along with the books.  There are game nights and SCA references.  Awkward pairings and visits to Cuppa Joe for caffeine.  

Maggie has just been laid off from her Silicon Valley job.  She rents part of a duplex from the owner of the Dragonfly (the name of the book store), Hugo, and is spending her days moping around the store and reading bodice rippers.  And getting on Hugo's only employee, Jason's, nerves.

As chance would have it, she is going to get an opportunity to meet up and network with some Bay Area movers and shakers at their book club meeting and her introduction to the club is via Lady Chatterley's Lover.  Fate rears it's head and presents her with a copy of the book from the bookstore, broken binding and notes left between "Henry" and "Catherine" in the margins.  

A side note - Grendel the cat lives at the Dragonfly and I just got finished reading Beowulf for English class.  This Grendel wasn't too pleasant either. 

It took me a few chapters to warm up to the read, but then it clicked and soon it was 1:00 a.m. and I sadly closed the book.  Maggie, Hugo, Jason, Dizzy and the rest had all been sorted and shelved, but not necessarily in the way one would think. 

Couple of things I really liked about the book - (1) Maggie's smart.  Not off the chart genius smart, but she's not a dummy.  And she seems human and someone I would like to have coffee with; (2) it's not about Prada and high-end shopping and looking for Mr. Right to come along in his 7 figure lifestyle.  These are people you could meet in your neighborhood and get to know and enjoy their company.   Oh, and a third thing - there are several unexpected twists which are believable and add spice to the read.

This is definitely a read I think several people I know would enjoy....Christine.....


  1. I'm so glad you liked THE MOMENT OF EVERYTHING. Thank you for posting the lovely review.

    - Shelly


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