Thursday, December 24, 2015

Gift 12 - Last but not least

A beautiful zippered bag!  In green!

The hardest part of this bag is what I want to carry in it.  It's big enough I could put all my pens and pencils in it.  Or my makeup (not that I wear all that much).  Sewing notions?  Or I just may carry it around empty, it's so pretty!

Ok, I confess.  I received the box before Texter and Lady K left for the holidays.  And Lady K is aware this year of 'PRESENTS' and they are there to be opened.  So being the softie I am, I let her open them up before they left.  Not quite the rules, but those big hazel eyes and little hands and a big grin tore my resolve down.  After all, she won't be here for Christmas Day and opening presents, so this was as close as I can get this year.

Thanks to Kaylee for being a great swap partner and the Chaotic Goddess group for organizing this swap.  I can't wait for the next one coming up in 2016.


  1. Oh Judy, I'm glad you got to have help to open all your presents. :) Thanks so much for everything you picked for me! I loved everything and it was such a nice treat, especially the times I was working day shift and up when it was still dark out. If you or any of your readers want to see my post, it's up today. Thanks again for all the fun!

  2. What a great haul! I am in love with those fuzzy fox socks! And bummer that the pups got to the chocolate bar before you did (it looks delicious). Thanks so much for joining us for this swap...and for joining us for Book & a Cuppa! :D


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