Sunday, December 06, 2015

Week In Review - November 29 - December 5

It's been a really busy week - 

  • Led the final write-in for NaNoWriMo 
  • Lady K to dentist
  • Toured day care center for Lady K to start on January 4
  • First Friday at 1+1=1 Gallery for ornament making
  • Worked on Clues 1 and 2 for the Mystery Quilt
  • Mailed my swap gift for the Chaotic Goddess 12 Days of Christmas Swap
  • Working on ideas for my 2016 planner
  • Wrote 7 posts
  • Finished 2  books
  • Walked 60,223 steps or 27.54 miles

But the 'biggie' was this - 

Tuesday was shopping for the remainder of the ingredients and then creating several different bath and body products.

The following was made -
  • Gingerbread Bath Scrubs
  • Bath bombs in 3 fragrances
  • Peppermint Bath Salts
  • Coffee Scrub
  • Candles
  • Vanilla Scrub
  • Coconut Oil Scrub
All the items were pretty easy to do, but the most time intensive (which wasn't much) was the bath bombs.  I filled my gifting requirement and then Texter raided it for gifts for about 5 people.  I have managed to salvage some of the 'rejects' and partially filled containers for my own use.  I have fallen in love with coconut oil!

My bath bombs were molded in plastic Christmas ornaments you can pull apart.  And of course, I had my helper.

And "the chair"...

Lady K has learned to move the chair to whatever location she needs to 'supervise'.  I am learning to dread the sound of scraping on the wooden wood, because I know someone will be right up under me in a matter of moments.  It can be at my desk, in the kitchen or at my sewing table.  I will have "The Chair" and "Helpin' " shortly.

For me, the coming week is fairly quiet.  However, Texter has a full week.  A couple of days of test taking and the semester will be over for her.  Finalize packing for her and Lady K to go to South Carolina for Christmas.  Next Saturday morning, EARLY, they will board a flight and then I will be on my own until the 29th!  Lots of reading, sewing, crafting going on while they are gone.  Maybe a jigsaw puzzle since little hands won't be there to remove pieces.

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  1. Those bath bombs are so pretty! You've been busy!


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