Sunday, December 27, 2015

Week in Review - December 20 - 26

The holidays are winding down.  Between days off as holidays from the library and some vacation time I took, my days are really screwed up.  I'm not at all sure what day it is, which bothers me.  I deal better with a 'schedule/routine' than I do without one.  I don't really "go with the flow" all that well.

Only real downer for the holidays was, for reasons, Texter and Lady K had to cut their trip to South Carolina short.  They came back last Sunday.

Lady K dealt fairly well with the two plane changes to and from.  Texter, on the other hand, swears never again alone!  But both are glad to be home.

Our Christmas was fairly quiet and light.  First, we were not planning on Lady K being here so we only hung up some stockings.  Secondly, as Savvy said, "I bought a house!", so gift giving was light.  Well, except for Savvy's Christmas/birthday present which was a piece of art she wanted.  So we have our first piece of 'real' artwork, even if I spent a bit more than expected on it.  But when the artist becomes more famous and her pieces are selling for 4 or 5 digits, rather than 3 digits, it is an investment. But we had a big breakfast and dinner was a ham, which is now sandwiches for the next few days.

I did manage to work on my planner for 2016 and got four months, rather than three, in the notebook.

I inked some of the pages and added some scrapbook paper on the months.  After seeing all the different categories and 'stuff' others are putting in their planners, I went simple.  Under each month I have the following...
  • monthly goals
  • tracking grid
  • month-at-a-glance
  • weekly pages with room for journaling and notes
  • month review page
  • Swaps - tracking the swaps and QAL's and other projects I'm on deadlines with to be sure I am keeping up (or where I stand)
  • Ideas - present ideas, writing ideas, a dumping ground for just about everything else.
I think this will work well for me, but it is subject to 'tweaking' over the next few months, before I set up the next planner.

I do have to find another glue stick to use.  My Elmer's School glue sticks, well, just aren't sticking well.  And regular glue warps the pages.  Will have to visit the craft store to see what else I can come up with. More on my planner and other journals I use on a regular basis in a later post.

Did find another recipe I can keep for dinners - taco ring.  CJ and Texter like it, and they are my two picky eaters.  You use two cans of crescent rolls to make it, which is pretty big.  I did use the 'grands' size, however.  I think when I make it again, I will use the smaller size crescent rolls or only one can.  It's really too much, even if Savvy had been here, for the four and a half of us.  And it really doesn't reheat well (in my opinion).  But at least it is an easy recipe to make, fairly quick too.  But planning menus for the week is my goal for the New Year.  The amount of stress off me, (self-inflicted I might add) when I know what I am fixing, is tremendous.

In addition, the following occurred:
  • Two books finished (only 1 to go to meet my 150 book goal for the year)
  • Wrote 6 posts
  • Steps - 34,297 or 15.69 steps  However, two days didn't pick up any steps!  But I know I was slug-like those days, so maybe 40,000 steps for the week.  Update:  Synced my fitbit, so weekly total was 41,233 steps or 18.86 miles.
  • Texter and Lady K home early
  • Trip to Missoula for Krispy Kreme donuts and a bit of shopping
  • Fox Cowl finished for the daughter of a friend
  • Started 365 Saving Plan (doubling up each day because I want a trip to Seattle this summer)
  • DVR hooked up so I can do workout DVD's on the TV
  • Vision Cards on travel, money, creativity, health/exercise, spirituality, friends/family (a future post) created
  • Time spent reviewing where I want 2016 to go
This coming week...
  • Getting Lady K ready to start daycare on the 4th of January - have to label her clothes and stuff 
  • Savvy turns 25!  Must make a cake for her.
  • New Year's Day off work (plus a vacation day too)  so my last week of not being on a schedule 
  • Reviewing December goals
  • Planning 2016 long-term goals and January's short-term goals
More organizing and planning this week and then hitting the floor running for 2016!

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