Monday, May 19, 2008

Dog Tired....and so is the dog

Yesterday, after working 4 hours, I decided to try my luck again on the American Tobacco Trail. From the parking lot on the New Hill-Olive Chapel Road to the parking lot at White Oak Church Road and back is about 12.5 miles. Weather Sunday was mid 70's, humidity up and down it seemed, breezy at times.

Now I must mention the last time I decided to do this, which was also the first time I decided to do this was about a year ago or more, no walking experience under my belt, just a wild hair. I am now pretty use to the 5 miles a day to/from work, but that is 2.5 miles each way with 8 hours in between. And the dog walks are .32 miles to about 1.04 miles around the neighborhood, but nothing really long at one time.

So at 12:50pm, Noel (the dog) and I step foot on the trail. Did I mention that other than the pee and poo walks, Noel doesn't get out much? Did I mention she is scared of riding in the car? (She was found abandoned and starving beside the road) Two trail mix bars, 1 banana, 3 bottles of water, 2 poo bags and a bowl for her water in a light backpack.

The American Tobacco Trail is a great walkway. The end I walk on is very rural, so you are hemmed in by woods for most of the hike. You are sharing the walkway with horses and bikers and runners and walkers. We will not go into the RUDE cyclists who don't know to call out as they come up behind you and pass you.

But, I averaged about 20 minutes a mile and was fairly consistant throughout the walk, except for that last mile. The last mile was about a mile too long.

Noel and I made it. I do find it humorous that when we reached the parking lot at the end, she was "there's the car, there's the car, get in the car, get in the car". And the rest of the evening she really didn't want to bounce around very much.

Last time I did this I couldn't move for a week and thought I was going to die before I finished the walk. This time I finished the walk. Somewhat sore, at 4:30pm. Of course, instead of going home and taking a hot shower, I got in the car and drove Texter back to her dad's and ate dinner then soaked in the tub a bit. My feet bothered me from the heel spurs Sunday evening and some Monday morning, but actually feel fine.

Won't do it every day, but feel really good about myself that I did it and it was a challenge, but not unbearable. Next time, ditching the dog, so I can concentrate more on jogging/walking, rather than dog.


  1. How inspiring.
    I used to fitness/power walk years ago. Something I just got out of... but am seriously considering starting again. I used to do "March of Dimes" walks every year. This sounds like a great accomplishment/challenge. I am going to assume that you are always making sure you are not 'alone' or in a 'remote' area walking. I always am concerned for walkers and runners safety. Poor doggie! Poor little doggie paws.

  2. WOW!!! BRAVO for you and the dog!! You are a far braver womean than I...I think about walking...but have not actually visualized myself doing it...or actually done it extensively... SO MY HAT IS OFF TO YOU...and I am soaking my feet in your honor!!
    Artfully Yours...


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