Saturday, May 31, 2008

Six Weeks!

I can't wait! Went yesterday on my way home to see exactly where I will be living as of the 10th of July. The apartment complex is closer to work, still close to the high school and right behind a small strip shopping center with a Kroger, Chinese food, 2 sandwich shops, Blockbuster Video, pizza, McDonald's and Mexican food. And across the street from the library and a bus stop (should we ever need to ride the bus).

But the exact location within the complex is great! It is at the very back and my apartment will overlook a small pond with a water fountain thingy in it (so it keeps the water moving), so I will have water sounds to listen to. The pond has willow trees along the far side and I won't have to look out directly into someone else's apartment. I have to walk around 1 other building to get onto the paved pathway which leads to the pathway around the bigger lake. Or to the wide access area on the other side.

I can't wait. To sit out on the balcony (and I'm on the top floor) and listen to the water while drinking coffee.....come on July!

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  1. Judy..
    I am so happy and excited for you...May you be peaceful, creative, make many memories, joyous, loved, gentle, exploring, delighted and happy in your new surroundings!


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