Saturday, May 31, 2008

Separation Anxiety....or I'll kill that damn dog!

Don't let that sweet face and innocent look fool you.....this is the "if you leave me I'll make you regret it" dog. We leave, and she looks for shoes (mine of course) to eat the inner soles out of or the shoe laces. Or better yet, she torn up and bent a metal knitting needle from a clapotis I was knitting. Luckily, it was in a yarn I personally did not really like, but the ton of stitch markers....well, I'll probably find them in the end, if you get my drift! And then I had a shawl started for a raffle prize for work and she had mangled 3 balls of yarn.

It's not like I leave them on the couch, they are up on a table. So now, even if we are going to be gone "just a minute" she has to go into a crate.

And the best part of the whole thing is SHE KNOWS SHE'S DOING WRONG! Instead of meeting us at the door, she is hiding on the landing because she knows she will be in trouble! But I can't blame her too much. I know this is a problem, but I still go off and don't bother to crate her.

My only problem is in the new apartment where to put her crate. I really don't want it as a "focal point" in the living/dining room area. It is a large wire cage, bigger than a large shipping kennel a lot of people use, so she has a lot of room. There will be room, I think, in the utility room, with the washer dryer, but that is where I was planning on putting the litter box and cat food and she will be kind of cut off from the rest of the apartment going on's. Of course, she will only be in it when we aren't there.

I don't know. Darn dog!

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  1. Poor dog, she's so lonesome! My dog used to do the same thing - he would get on my bed and start "digging" in frustration, and I would find my bed unmade. Perhaps, if you leave a doll or anything with a face, she would probably not feel lonely. Try this and see what happens...


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