Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Other sights I see....

This is a yard I pass by on one of my "dog walks". I think an older couple live here, but I would like to have their garden. It is filled with
all kinds of iris, roses, peonies, and tons of other stuff.

Beside their house runs a creek which snakes quietly through the neighborhood. As it goes by their property, it is rock lined and down a ways has a wooden bridge over to their neighbor's house. If you look in the middle of the picture you can see the bride and on it sits a rock gnome fishing and something else sitting beside him I haven't figured out yet. You have to look to really see them when you walk by.

There is also this big vegetable garden on the other side of there house. I have to believe it is theirs also, since only someone with that much of a garden in their front, side and from little I can see back yard, would have this pretty veggie patch.

But you go by this lovely display and right around the corner is this beautiful Victorian reproduction home...turret and all. I will not hurt your eyes by taking a picture of the plastic flowers they have stuck in the ground all along their front fence. Some things are just too ugly!

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