Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Drugs and Daughter and Live is So Not Fair

I had stated in an earlier posting I was no longer allowed (giggle) to medicate Texter because I can't tell the difference between benedryl and aspirin. If that is the case, then how come she gets all the "good stuff"?

Case in point....literally. When she got here a little over a week ago, she complained about a "pimple on her butt". I, being the loving, caring, kind mother that I am, told her "now you know what it is like to be a pain in the butt". Well, it was funny when I said it at the time.

Several days later, after she had gotten her eyes rolled back to a normal position in her head from my remark, she complained it "really hurt".

Now Texter is the child whose arm could be laying on the floor beside her, blood everywhere, and "oh, it's just a scratch". So I have learned by the time she tells you "it really hurts", it REALLY HURTS! (Of course, for paper cuts she needs 6 band aids.)

So off to the Doc in the Box we go. And here she gets to show her ass. In fact, they ask her to! Did I mention in order to go to the Doc in the Box she put on her jeans, which being a normal teenager are not a loose pair? Prone, on her stomach, on the "procedure" table she goes. Out comes the needles to deaden said butt. Out comes the "thingy" to puncture said butt.

Her complaint through this....SHE CAN'T WATCH WHAT'S GOING ON! I guess her future as an EMT is secure. From my point of view what came out of that hole in the butt should not have been coming out of any hole on any part of your body. Did I mention the doctor thought I was getting much to much enjoyment out of her "pain in the butt"? Hey, what's a little revenge when you can get it.

So big bandage goes on the butt. I got some of the industrial strength tape so I could change her bandage for her (see I do care). She got: (1) antibiotics (of course, the softball sized red area on her butt is why I brought her in to begin with); (2) her favorite, a pair of paper shorts to wear home that could have fit me, her and the dog and (3) so unfair, the davoset. I raised her, I'm taking care of her, I have to listen to the "it hurts to sit", why don't I get the painkillers?

Does this slow her down any? No, you can still lay on your side and monitor cell phone and laptop. Warning however, she did take a picture of her "wound" on her cell phone. Be thankful she does not have your phone number!

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  1. Hey Judy...
    All is good when our children discover that they CAN be a big pain in the butt!! LOL...
    Did you know that we are in the Embellished Circus together???? YES WE ARE!!
    Good luck with the move...I am not moving but I am purging my 22 years of STUFF!! Oh what a wonderful/awful thing that is!!


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