Saturday, July 05, 2008

Tour de France

Today is the day.....Tour de France starts! My men in spandex for almost a month. A daily buffet of buff butts....I mean, great cycling!

I have NO idea why I have gotten so caught up with this sport, but about 5 years ago now I happened across it on TV and have been taken with it ever since. July finds me in front of the TV with all the dedication of the most rabid football or baseball fan.

This year, 2 American teams (a rarity for Americans to be there to begin with) High Road, with my man, George Hincappie, and Garmin-Chipotle (sounds like a Bobby Flay spice rub!)

There are no clear riders to root for this year, but just like I always bet on the gray horse in horse racing, I am rooting for George Hincappie and High Road to do well.

And don't forget some of the most beautiful country in the world they ride through. French countryside is lovely and if you watch the nightly show with Bob Roll on it, you can laugh away.

So it's July, my daughter's are shaking their heads and hiding at mom's little quirk.


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