Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I'm so pretty....

Ok, I have heard a lot of different stories in my almost 29 years in the airline industry, most of which has been on the phones in reservations. I have been asked about discounts for prisoners being released from prison. Queried as to why they can't put their 6 week old baby alone on the flight to grandma's house, after all it will sleep the whole way. But today has made me laugh and smile and given me a new excuse to use in life.

A gentleman, who is an extremely frequent flier, called in about his wife's travel a few days ago. Seemed she was going to the Caribbean ahead of the rest of the family and had 2 suitcases, one of which was overweight and was standing at the ticket counter, moving items around, adjusting weight, so she would not have to pay overweight charges. Happens all the time. However, during this adjustment, the ticket counter agent remarked about the large amount of suntan lotion she seemed to have in her suitcases. "Well, after all, she was taking enough for the whole family!"

When she gets to security, she was apparently "targeted" for extra screening and had to be pulled aside and patted down. I apologized if this was inconvenient, however, their job is the safety of the entire plane and if there was something that triggered doubt, that was her job.

Wwwwweeellllllll.....it seems his wife has this problem EVERY time she travels and it is always after she has dealt with female agents.....after all "she is too pretty".

Ok, folks, give me points for not laughing out loud over the phone. No giggles, snorts, twitters emerged until he was off the phone. At which point I lost it.

Now I know why the grocery store clerk bagged my eggs with my canned goods, that guy cut me off in traffic, and the item I wanted was sold out.....I'm too pretty! I am laughed about this all day. If you start saying it as the reason for things happening, you can't help but lighten your day. So now, when you get your hair done and it rains....you're too pretty. That dress doesn't fit anymore....you're too pretty. No longer can someone just having too much going on it their lives be an excuse for bad tempers, after all...you're too pretty.

So everyone...repeat after me....I'M TOO PRETTY! and see if your day doesn't go better.

(extra points are given if you say it with a straight face, no giggles and a toss of your hair or pouty lips)


  1. This just makes me laugh right out loud...and I will remember to say it tomorrow!! Great idea to lift anyones spirit!!

  2. OMG, this is too funny! How did you manage to hold it together? This is going to be my new mantra!


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