Sunday, July 27, 2008

Moved camera

Ok, so no pictures....yet. Got all moved in and basically unpacked. Or at least the living area is unpacked. There are still boxes of books and craft "stuff" in my room to unpack. And we will not go into OD's room status. But since boyfriend will be coming for a visit in about 10 days, she has something more than "do your room" from mom to get her going.

Love the apartment. I really have to look to see another apartment from my balcony. This morning I walked out onto the balcony and looked at the little pond below and there was this huge blue heron. Way can't we locate the cameras! Hopefully, he/she will be a regular here.

My goal this afternoon, after I drop OD off at work and Texter back at her dad's is to come home and get the rest of the boxes unpacked in my room. Wish me luck!

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  1. Glad you all moved in... now you just have to dig in and make it your own! So the fun part begins... sorting... Good luck!


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