Saturday, February 07, 2009

My Daughter – Don Carlos…..Man of Love

don carlos This is OD, surrounded by her his “women”.  The high school recently had a masquerade and OD and her his friends went. 

It’s my fault OD is turning into a man……it’s all the dress up she did as a child which I encouraged by buying old prom dresses from Goodwill.  Sigh…what’s a mother to do.

Actually, it was rather entertaining, watching her draw “chest hair”.  It’s apparently hard to draw looking down at your own chest and trying to draw it while you’re laughing….and being laughed at.

don carlos 2 She was her friend’s “date” for the evening.  Much to my delight, none of the girls are dating anyone, or at least not seriously, so it is just the “girls” hanging out together.  She even went to Kroger and bought a red rose to give her “date”.  Unfortunately, my camera ate the pictures of her posing with the rose between her teeth.  Bad, hungry camera.

don carlos 3


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