Saturday, February 28, 2009

Zentangle Challenges

I have been zentangling (in between keeping a story in rough draft form) for my group.  The first is for a bookmark swap.  We were only suppose to do one or two, but I got carried away (they are small after all) and did four.  Two will go out with the swap and two will be saved for future use/giveaway.


Then we had some challenges for the month.  The first, was “Twisted” and it was interesting to try and draw something which was twisted and looked like it was twisted, more 3-D than 2-D.


So that aspect of this challenge, was, well, a challenge.

Then we had four others, of which I did three.  The first, was “Black Magic”.

black magic

I was a little concerned about all the white space.  After all, shouldn’t it be ALL filled in?  But after working on it, letting it sit, and coming back to it, I like the white space in the bottle.

Next one was one I actually started on first, was “Stars Get In Your Eyes”.

stars in my eyes

This is suppose to be pairs of eyes (see the eyelashes!).  And I was rather proud of my efforts.  However, Texter looked at it and thought I was drawing sombreros.  Oh well, different people look at things differently.

There is a third one, which is suppose to be a red and black zentangle, I am currently working on.  Hopefully, I can finish it up this weekend or during work next week.

I have really enjoyed my zentangles.  They are something I can do easily between calls at work.  They are very addictive and calming also.  And easy to carry around, just some paper and black pens.

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