Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Weird Random Thoughts

Have you ever had those weird thoughts that just pop into your mind?  Things which on one hand seem really logical, but on the other hand seem really odd.

For example, if there is a place labeled “body shop” why can’t I just take myself there, have them hoist me up on the lift, and fix my body?

Or, and this has been a thought for years now (it gets scarier), but I have dry skin.  I know I should be drinking more water and that would probably help out with the dry skin.  And not take baths so hot.  But you know those big urns they show in old “Arabian Nights” movies?  Ones that are about 5 feet tall.  I want one filled with warm oil that is gently swirling around.  Like a whirlpool bath, but with body oil and not water.  Then I want this clamp to come down, grab me by the top of my head and just lower me into this urn.  And there I float for a couple of hours, just soaking up the oil.  Of course, if there are some buff, male body slaves there….oops, better not go there!


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